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Who we are

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Developing supply chains and launching products is hard work. There are no shortcuts, just experience, requiring specialized knowledge that is rarely, if ever, found in a single person.


Understanding engineering requirements, material traceability, manufacturing process capability, process control, costing, balanced scorecards, contractual agreements, IP strategy, and logistics are just a few of the factors that require competent management.


I decided to start Agile in Asia to help companies' de-risk the sourcing and supply chain management process and provide a cost-effective one-stop-shop for their supply chain needs. I decided to assemble a team of highly-seasoned western and Chinese manufacturing experts, supply chain professionals, and project managers capable of getting the job done right the first time while saving our clients time and money.


At Agile in Asia, we committed to delivering value by offering exceptional sourcing and supply chain management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Founder's Story

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Our Vision

To utilize the latest technologies and the best talent to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

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Our Mission

Helping our clients deliver on their objectives by involving the right people, deploying the right processes, and using the right tools.

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Our Promise

We promise to deliver a great experience for our customers, from initial phone call to project completion.

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Our Values

Our values are based on fostering ideation,  collaboration, innovation, resourcefulness, and inspiration. 


The Founder

Jonathan Ross

An experienced manufacturing executive and Industrial Fellow at the University of Cambridge with proven success in organizational transformation with 17 years of manufacturing and leadership experience in China.​ 

Our Team

Mia Huang
Project Manager
Mandy Pic.jpg
Mandy Cai
Project Manager
Maple Feng
Senior Project Manager
Ken Adam
Injection Molding Expert
Xinyi Chen
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Carmen Lee
Project Manager
Niki Chen
Senior Sourcing Manager
Jeremiah Westbrook
Quality Assurance Expert

Come Visit Us!

We warmly invite you to visit our offices and be our guests in Zhongshan, China. We are only 90 minutes from Hong Kong by ferry, and easily accessible from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

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