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Design Review

Product Requirements Documentation
Colleagues Going Over Plans


We will work to specify your product's purpose, features, and functionalities to fully understand what you are looking to achieve.


This document will support communication and ongoing activities from prioritization, prototyping, design testing, and production. 

Example Deliverables

  • Create or build upon a living document defining the product purpose and establish project targets, Bill of Materials (BOM), end-user characteristics, features, minimum requirements, a launch timeframe, and more. 

Product Costing Analysis
peoject management.png


Before launching any product, it is prudent to understand your manufacturing costs. In this process, we provide you with a comprehensive costing analysis, ensuring you will make the right investment decisions. 

Example Deliverables

We set the stage to work on value engineering solutions and pricing negotiations with suppliers, enabling you to meet your target cost.

Some of the points we analyze include:

  • Analyze Raw Material Cost

  • Manufacturing Operations

  • Set up and Cycle-times

  • Direct Labor Costs

  • Machine Rates

  • Cumulative Scrap Rate

  • Tooling economics analysis

  • Supplier Overheads

  • Gross Margin Analysis

  • Scenario planning

  • ROI Analysis

Design for X
Conveyor Belt


Our engineers combine their knowledge and vast experience to ensure your design is manufacturable. During this stage, we will evaluate the manufacturing processes used and look at ways to ensure its manufacturable, achieve your target cost, define how your product will assemble, and how it will be inspected. 

Example Deliverables 

We perform feedback on your design by performing feedback broken into four separate activities. Engineers with extensive manufacturing experience conduct this work. 

A report will be generated for:

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Design for Cost

  • Design for Assembly

  • Design for Inspection

Engineering Validation Testing
3D Printer


During this step, we will produce mock-up prototypes to verify your design intent. 


We will utilize the knowledge we acquire from this step to reevaluate your product design for possible improvement, and we will support on-going product testing.

Typically anywhere between 20 up to 100 assemblies will be produced using 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, CNC Machining, and/or Prototype Tooling.

Example Deliverables 

  • Guide you to get your product prototyped using the right process, at the right supplier, at a minimal cost.

  • Identify potential design problems before moving forward with tooling. 


  • Perform a short run of parts, and analyze any issues with testing or assembly and provide feedback to your design, ensuring manufacturability and repeatability to inform your production ramp. 

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