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New Product Development

Why Work with Us

As your team on the ground, we can help you plan and execute your product launch. We support you with a comprehensive and well-structured NPD process, saving you time, money, and most importantly, mitigating your risk. We bring you the right expertise to ensure your product gets made right the first time. 


Broad range of subject matter experts, covering a wide range of manufacturing processes

Establish robust and detailed documentation of processes, ensuring thorough communication, from your CAD models to the shop floor

Extensive experience in product development

Save time and reduce risk by following a structured NPI approach with a team on the ground

Optimize your designs for the process, minimize your unit cost, and ensure product quality

Protect your IP by using our collaborative technologies which controls who sees your CAD Data

Ensure quality is thoroughly planned before production begins 

Our Advantages
Your Challenges
Limited Technical Capabilitis Logo

Technical capabilities are limited

Unclear Product Testing & Certificaton Process Logo

Product testing and certification process is unclear

Third Party Trial Production Management Logo

Lacking a third party to manage trial production

Product Developmet Challenges Logo

Product development process unclear

Excessive Developmet Costs Logo

Excessive development costs

Low Manufacturing Cost Visability Logo

Little visibility on manufacturing costs

Our Services
Design Review.JPG
Design Verification

We will work with you to define your goals and specific product-related requirements, build a highly detailed timeline and project plan from prototyping to production, and optimize your designs for manufacturing. 

Testing & Compliance.JPG
Testing & Certification

Product testing is an essential step in the product development process. We can help you contact the right partners to minimize your liability and comply with relevant regulations. 

Pre Launch.jpg
Production Validation & Ramp 

We go into painstaking detail surrounding every single manufacturing step and consideration before taking your product to production. We tightly manage your production ramp process to ensure you scale successfully. 

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