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Quality System Management

Body of text explaining why quality system managment is essential for our clients. 

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Our Process
Material Traceability
Man Scanning a Product

When working with suppliers in China, particularly when working with low volume production, most suppliers purchase materials from smaller distributors without order minimums. Sometimes, when there is a specialized materials, their distributors might find that material through their network. 

In addition, when it comes to metals, there are lower grades of stainless steel, for instance,  thais end up being mistakenly labeled for a higher grade. These risks are extremely serious for companies making products which carry serious performance and liability implications. 

We can help you avoid that entirely through making sure the paper-train is clear, the distribution network is transparent, and the materials can be fully inspected using spectrometry to positively identify their origin. 

Supplier Quality Audits 
Image by amin khorsand

Click here to learn more about our comprehensive auditing capabilities. 

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