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Supplier Audit

Supplier Quality Audit
Factory Worker


Quality professionals typically get split into two breeds, those that focus on quality management systems and those who focus on the actual process of inspection. 


Our team has the competence to assess your chosen supplier's quality management system and the competence of their quality personnel. 

Example Deliverables

  • Perform a general overview of the supplier's quality management system, including documented processes.

  • Speak with quality technicians and verify their experience, competence, and body of knowledge 

  • Produce a balanced scorecard, assessing the structure of their warehouse, traceability, company structure, headcount, observation of production lines, health, and safety, and more. 

  • We provide detailed photos of the factory site, equipment, warehouse, and offices. 

  • We verify their business license, export license, and relevant certifications.

  • We can also create audit plans tailored to your specific needs and your budget. 

Technical Audit
Tech Solutions Illustration


Our technical audits involve deploying an engineer or subject matter expert to your chosen supplier to determine whether or not their manufacturing processes and technical competence are capable of producing products efficiently and repeatedly.

Example Deliverables 

  • Have a qualified engineer study your supplier's manufacturing processes, including cycle times, assess engineering capability, the disposition of equipment, preventative maintenance, precision, lean orientation, ability to produce repeatably, and their engineering team's culture. 

  • Produce a detailed report of the supplier's technical capability, offer a professional opinion, and potential improvement opportunities. 

Social Compliance Audit
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Our social compliance audits are an effective way to determine if a company behaves responsibly and ethically while ensuring its employees' safety and well-being. Sometimes, we work to audit to SA8000, your requirements, or the requirements of your customers. 

Example Deliverables 

  • With a detailed checklist, we look for interviews and discussions with various stakeholders, looking for health and safety throughout the company, working environment, underage labor, excessive working hours, and more. We typically tailor the audit to the needs of our clients. 

  • We produce a comprehensive report with photos. 

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