Delivery of Boxes

Supplier Management

Whether you are a startup looking to get things going or a larger company looking to outsource some management functions, we can help.

Western owned and operated

Around the clock availability

Based in Asia and can move rapidly

Find the lowest cost while balancing quality and lead time

Decades of manufacturing and engineering experience

Eyes and ears on the ground, when and where you need it 

Protect your IP 

Our Advantages
Your Challenges

Your pricing is too high

Poor existing supplier performance

Lead times too long

Want to find suppliers that have the right certifications

 High minimum order quantities

Need to move quickly but don’t know where to begin

Our Services
Supply Chain Development

We offer a complete range of sourcing and vetting services, helping you find the highest quality suppliers that are verified and legitimate with no middle person. 


Establishing agreements that clearly outline responsibilities and expectations is essential in any supplier relationship. We work with you and local lawyers to develop cost-effective, enforceable contracts, establishing the rules of the road.

Order Management

Whether it be a first-time order or an extremely time-sensitive project, we can provide you with on-the-ground support, keeping on top of supplier production schedules and working with them to ensure your order runs smoothly. 

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