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Supply Chain Development

Supply Chain Planning
Brand Strategy


Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to establish a backup supplier network, or move your supply chain to a different country within Asia, we can help you manage the planning process and do the groundwork to make it happen. 

We work with you to develop a tailored supply chain strategy for your specific needs.

Example Deliverables 

  • We establish a comprehensive plan and checklist of tasks and items, execute on the development and execution of your supply chain objectives.

  • Develop a strategy to reduce cost or shorten lead times.

  • Perform benchmarks and feasibility studies.

  • You need to find alternatives or set up additional suppliers as a backup to support potential increases in demand. ​​

  • You plan to move part or all of your production to a different low-cost country within Asia. 

Supplier Vetting
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Our vetting services help ensure that the suppliers you work with are legitimate, not an intermediary, are a legally operating enterprise, and have the appropriate certifications for the products you are looking to produce or buy.

Example Deliverables

  • We perform a comprehensive overview of your supplier's shareholder structure, operating licenses, and information to match the owner to the company and banking information provided and verify the relationship between various entities. ​

  • We analyze to see if they had any legal violations made against their company. 

Supplier Sourcing
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While finding suppliers using directories and search engines seems easy enough, it is sometimes difficult to ascertain whether or not the supplier you are speaking to is a legitimate business or a direct manufacturer. 

Our team can help you find legitimate direct manufacturers based on your specific requirements and provide you with multiple options, guaranteed. 

Example Deliverables 

  • Help you source suppliers with specific technical capabilities and manufacturing processes.

  • Develop a supplier network that protects your IP from being copied or theft. 

  • Support you in finding manufacturers or local wholesalers for off-the-shelf components. 

  • ​Find suppliers that offer a flexible supply chain on both price and minimum order quantities.


  • Source multiple suppliers and perform comparative analysis ranging from pricing, factory size, quality of equipment, and more.

  • Find suppliers with specific certifications.

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