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Testing & Compliance
Product Testing
Fixing a Computer


Product testing is an essential step in the product development process. We help you find the most appropriate and cost effective testing facilities to ensure your product has no inherent performance or safety risks. 

Example Deliverables

  • Create a comprehensive testing plan for your product, including functional, EMI, thermal, and other testing requirements with our subject matter experts.

  • Source the appropriate testing equipment and facilities.

  • Provide detailed costing for all testing requirements.

  • Provide timeline and project manage testing activities and report results

Conformance and Certification
Notary Stamps



We can help you perform all the research necessary to ensure your product is fully compliant with your market and that all certifications and technical standards are fully understood. 

Example Deliverables


  • Provide a comprehensive report of specific certification and regulatory requirements for your product.

  • Provide overall cost estimate to achieve local compliance.

  • Provide timeline and project management certification process and report results

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