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About Agile in Asia

As a western owned and operated company, we act as an extension of your team on the ground when and where you need it. 

Building on my 18 years of product development and manufacturing experience in China, I decided to start Agile in Asia to help companies' de-risk and provide a cost-effective platform that enables them to achieve full transparency and control over their supply chain.


I realized that China and many surrounding countries had a reputation for poor quality. I saw an opportunity to offer a unique experience to those who want to manufacture their products in Asia by helping them manage and dramatically reduce their risk.

I decided to assemble a team of highly-seasoned Western and Chinese engineers, supply chain professionals, and project managers capable of getting the job done right the first time. 

Developing supply chains and launching products is hard work. At Agile in Asia, we are committed to delivering value by offering exceptional new product introduction, supply chain, and quality management solutions tailored to your specific needs.  

If you would like to learn more about my professional background, here is my Linkedin profile.

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Jonathan Ross
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Our Mission

Helping our clients deliver on their objectives by asking the right questions, involving the right people, using the right tools, and setting the right goals.

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Our Vision

To be known as the premier provider of New Product Introduction, Supply Chain, and Quality Management services in Asia by offering the most responsive, cost-effective, digitally enabled, and competent experience for our customers. 

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Our Values

Our values are based on fostering collaboration, innovation, resourcefulness, and a spirit of continuous improvement. 

Our Team

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Mia Huang | Project Manager | Agile In Asia
Project Manager
Mandy Cai | Project Manager | Agile In Asia
Project Manager
Maple Feng | Senior Project Manager | Agile In Asia
Senior Project Manager
Ken Adam | Injection Molding Expert | Agile In Asia
Injection Molding Expert
Xinyi Chen | Senior Manufacturing Engineer | Agile In Asia
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Carmen Lee | Product Manager | Agile In Asia
Project Manager
Niki Chen | Senior Sourcing Manger | Agile In Asia
Senior Sourcing Manager
Jeremiah Westbrook | Quality Assurance Expert | Agile In Asia
Quality Assurance Expert

We warmly invite you to visit our offices and be our guests in Zhongshan, China. We are only 90 minutes from Hong Kong by ferry, and easily accessible from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

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