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With decades of experience, we offer high quality inspection services. It is always a good idea to have impartial third-party inspections, safeguarding that your product meets with your specifications.

What is an Inspection?

An inspection is a systematic examination of goods, materials, or systems to ensure compliance with specified criteria. It serves as a checkpoint to detect defects, ensuring the product's quality, safety, and reliability.

Inspection, Agile in Asia

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Inspection Services

When dealing with suppliers in Asia, having a local, expert inspection team is critical in ensuring your product meets specifications. We understand that many factories in Asia might lack adequately trained internal quality personnel for effective inspections. Therefore, utilizing a third-party inspection company to examine your products before dispatch is always a wise decision.

In-Process Inspections

Continuous monitoring is the key to maintaining quality. Our In-Process Inspections provide a real-time check on the manufacturing process, identifying and rectifying defects at the earliest stages. By keeping a vigilant eye on every phase, we ensure the finished product meets the expected standard.


  • Early detection of production quality deviations

  • Maintain consistency throughout the production phase.

  • Proactive quality assurance, minimizing downstream issues.

Final Inspections

The final hurdle before a product reaches the market is a critical one. Our Final Inspections entail a comprehensive evaluation, ensuring that every product aligns with the established standards. This thorough review is the final assurance that each unit is ready for the customer.


  • Comprehensive quality check before dispatching following AQL or custom requirements.

  • Confirm products align with established standards

  • Protect your reputation and inventory investment

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

In industries where precision and consistency are paramount, PPAP is tailored for the automotive and aerospace sectors, ensuring that suppliers consistently meet demanding product requirements. Our team is trained and capable, helping you safeguard against deviations, ensuring product quality at every phase.


  • Adherence to automotive and aerospace industry standards.

  • Mitigate risks of product deviations.

  • High level of PPAP competence

When to Consider Doing an Inspection

New Supplier Onboarding

Prior to entering into a contract or agreement with a new supplier, inspections are crucial. They help verify the supplier's capabilities and their ability to meet your quality standards and specifications.

At Periodic Milestones

Regular inspections at specific production milestones are essential to monitor and maintain quality throughout the production process. These checkpoints help identify and rectify issues early.

New Product or Prototype

When you're introducing a new product or prototype, inspections are necessary to ensure that the initial production runs meet your design and quality expectations.

Before Final Shipment

Before products leave the supplier's facility and are shipped to your location, inspections should be conducted to confirm order completeness and quality. This step is crucial in preventing costly surprises upon receipt.

Inspections Background Image, Agile in Asia

Benefits of Working with Us for Inspections

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

From the initial stages of production to the final product dispatch, our inspections ensure your product aligns with your requirements.

Tailored Expertise

Our Quality Technicians are highly experienced in conducting inspections with precision. We also cater to specific industry needs from simple visual inspections to complex precision inspections. 

Risk Mitigation

By detecting defects early, maintaining consistency, our inspection services significantly reduce the risks of defects, saving costs and safeguarding your brand's reputation.

Ensure Consumer Confidence

With our rigorous inspections, you assure your customers of consistent product quality and minimize the potential for customer complaints.

  • How short notice can AgileInAsia support?
    We understand that urgent situations may arise, and we strive to provide support as quickly as possible. While we recommend reaching out to us as early as you can, we can typically provide support on just a few hours notice. This happens all the time.
  • How do you charge for the Supplier Liaison service?
    We typically charge a fixed fee or a daily rate for our service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will provide a customized quote for your needs.
  • Where do you operate?
    We operate across Asia, providing on-the-ground support in various countries in the region, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
  • Is the Supplier Liaison service something I need?
    If you are working with suppliers in Asia and find it challenging to communicate your requirements, monitor production, ensure quality standards, or manage timely deliveries, then our Supplier Liaison service can be extremely beneficial for you. Our Supplier Liaison professionals act as an extension of your team on the ground, helping you build productive relationships with suppliers, ensure your requirements are met, and keep things on track.
  • Can the use of a Supplier Liaison be customized to my needs?
    Yes, our Supplier Liaison service can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you need support on an on-going basis or on a case-by-case basis, across a wide range of situations, our Supplier Liaison professionals can provide flexible support tailored to your requirements.
  • Will the liaison be a local?
    No, the liaison will be Western staff. We believe in providing the highest quality service to our clients, and our Western staff brings a level of professionalism, expertise, and understanding of Western business practices that ensures effective communication and successful outcomes.
Inspections, Agile in Asia
Inspections Agile in Asia
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