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Supply Agreements
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Establishing a comprehensive supplier agreement is essential because it clearly outlines expectations, management controls, IP ownership, and commercial dispute mechanisms. 


These contracts are binding and give you the leverage and recourse you need to provide you with peace of mind. 

Example Deliverables

  • Work with you and a local lawyer where your supplier(s) reside and develop a well-structured, tailored supply agreement to protect you in the event the supplier does not perform as expected. ​

  • Support the negotiations with the supplier as a neutral third party to discuss the agreement's terms, including payment terms, sub-contracting, tooling ownership, and more. ​

  • Work with you to develop the documentation, such as creating Product Requirement Dottiest Purchase Orders and other documents connected to the supply agreement appendix. ​

  • We provide you with step-by-step procedures for ensuring that you obtain recourse. ​

  • Offer bi-lingual translated agreements. 

Quality Agreements
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We can create comprehensive quality agreements tailored to your product clarifying operating procedures to ensure your suppliers understand what you expect of them when managing product quality. 

A quality agreement prescribes responsibility for quality issues to prevent miscommunication and creates a mutual understanding of the manufacturer's obligations related to quality. 

Example Deliverables 

In the agreement, we cover details such as who is responsible for what, where manufacturing will occur, material traceability, product-specific considerations, testing requirements, documentation, engineering change controls, and much more.


Align with your supply agreement and create a clear governance structure to reduce ambiguity in the event of a dispute. 

Tooling Agreements


Our tooling agreements ensure that you have complete control over your investment. Some clients have a supply agreement,  however, the agreement tends to be very general and not specific to consider tooling ownership and maintenance. 

This agreement will cover everything from maintenance and repairs, right to inspection, to move tooling to a different supplier, your IP and confidentiality, storage and insurance, tool modifications, use of tooling assets, and more.


  • Work with you to create a comprehensive agreement surrounding your tooling together with a local lawyer. ​

  • Either create a stand-alone or as an appendix to your existing supply agreement. 

NNN Agreement
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Before engaging with suppliers, many companies provide an NDA for the supplier to sign and return. However, what many companies don't realize is that if their NDA's jurisdiction is their home country, legal recourse practically impossible. 


Therefore, we suggest creating a more comprehensive agreement than a simple NDA. We usually recommend developing what's called a 'Triple N' or NNN agreement. An NNN Agreement and stands for non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-circumvention (NNN). 

We usually combine that with a strategy to protect your data using technologies that enable you to control who sees your CAD data, where it is accessed, and for how long. 

Example Deliverables

  • We can help you create a customized agreement with a local lawyer and explain to you the specific considerations and legal procedures required to ensure legal recourse while letting the supplier know that you know that you are aware of how the legal system works in their country. 


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