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Factory Sourcing, Agile in Asia

Factory Sourcing

We recognize the pivotal role that finding the right manufacturing partners plays in your success.

What is Factory Sourcing?

Finding the right manufacturing partner is paramount to ensuring quality, affordability, and timely delivery. Factory sourcing is the process of identifying and partnering with manufacturers that align with your company's production needs and standards.

When done correctly, having a competent partner like Agile to help you find new manufacturers not only safeguards the quality and efficiency of your products but also ensures lower manufacturing costs, reduced lead times, and flexibility.

Factory Sourcing, Agile in Asia

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Factory Sourcing Services

At Agile In Asia, we recognize that every business's sourcing needs are unique. The journey to the right manufacturer is filled with challenges, not the least of which is sifting through countless candidates, many of whom are just intermediaries without direct manufacturing capabilities. With our expertise, this overwhelming process becomes data-drive, streamlined, and efficient.

Whether it's aligning with the ideal factory or tapping into the rich reservoir of local suppliers for raw materials and components, our approach to sourcing guarantees that you're always connected with high quality supply options. 

Factory Identification
  • Discover the ideal factory for your needs

  • Tailored supplier matching based on your product and standards

  • Rigorous legal checks

  • Competitive supplier price analysis

  • In-depth reporting on findings

  • All supplier candidates are provided to you

Local Procurement
  • Unlock direct access to Asia's local markets

  • Source, coordinate, and ship raw materials, components, or wholesale products with full transparency.

  • Diverse product category support.

  • Connect with local vendors that do not normally export.

  • Navigate local languages for smooth communication.

  • Completely transparent fee based pricing

When to Consider Using Sourcing Services?

Quality Concerns

If you have had issues with the quality of products from your current suppliers or have specific quality requirements, a sourcing service can help you find suppliers who meet your quality standards.

Supply Chain Optimization

As your business evolves, your supply chain needs may change. A sourcing service can help you optimize your supply chain by finding the best suppliers for your current needs.

Risk Mitigation

Sourcing services can help you diversify your supplier base, which can help reduce risk in your supply chain.

Cost Reduction

If reducing costs is a priority for your business, a sourcing service can help you find suppliers who can offer better prices or more favorable terms.

New Product Development

If you are developing a new product and need to find suppliers for new components or materials, a sourcing service can help you find the best suppliers for your new product.

Lack of Expertise or Resources

If your business does not have the expertise or resources to manage sourcing activities, it can be beneficial to use a sourcing service.

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Why Choose Agile In Asia?

Time & Resource Efficiency

Whether you're starting anew or enhancing current operations, our involvement ensures optimal use of your time and resources, enabling you to make high quality decisions. 


We believe in offering top-tier service without compromising on cost-effectiveness. With us, quality service doesn't mean breaking the bank.

Engineering Excellence

Our strength lies in our robust engineering background. We ensure the manufacturers we recommend align with your vision and technical demands.

Reporting & Transparency

Our reports are thorough, including legal vetting, vendor benchmarking across industries and nations, and insights into what different Asian countries bring to the table.

Clear Sourcing Strategy

We understand the uniqueness of each business. Collaborating closely with you, we design a sourcing strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Swift Turnarounds

In the fast-paced world of business, time is of the essence. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver rapid results without compromising on quality.

Comprehensive Approach

Our methods are detailed. While our vetted network often offers immediate solutions, we're also equipped to undertake deep market research, exploring the best ODM, IEM, and JDP options for you.

Regional Expertise

 We have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing landscapes across various Asian countries, providing you with diverse options and insights.

  • How short notice can AgileInAsia support?
    We understand that urgent situations may arise, and we strive to provide support as quickly as possible. While we recommend reaching out to us as early as you can, we can typically provide support on just a few hours notice. This happens all the time.
  • How do you charge for the Supplier Liaison service?
    We typically charge a fixed fee or a daily rate for our service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will provide a customized quote for your needs.
  • Where do you operate?
    We operate across Asia, providing on-the-ground support in various countries in the region, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
  • Is the Supplier Liaison service something I need?
    If you are working with suppliers in Asia and find it challenging to communicate your requirements, monitor production, ensure quality standards, or manage timely deliveries, then our Supplier Liaison service can be extremely beneficial for you. Our Supplier Liaison professionals act as an extension of your team on the ground, helping you build productive relationships with suppliers, ensure your requirements are met, and keep things on track.
  • Can the use of a Supplier Liaison be customized to my needs?
    Yes, our Supplier Liaison service can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you need support on an on-going basis or on a case-by-case basis, across a wide range of situations, our Supplier Liaison professionals can provide flexible support tailored to your requirements.
  • Will the liaison be a local?
    No, the liaison will be Western staff. We believe in providing the highest quality service to our clients, and our Western staff brings a level of professionalism, expertise, and understanding of Western business practices that ensures effective communication and successful outcomes.
Factory Sourcing Agile in Asia
Machine factory sourcing, agile in asia
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