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We provide full control and visibility over your supply chain.

We Are a Western Owned Company Specializing in Product Development, Sourcing, Supplier Management, and Quality Assurance

We're your team on-the-ground, operating throughout Asia.

We expedite your product launches, source new suppliers, reduce manufacturing costs, and ensure product quality with our dedicated local support services. 

Agile in Asia

Services We Provide

Whether you have a small project or require end-to-end support, our team of experts are ready to assist. Our on-the-ground resources are equipped to cost effectively support you. By leveraging our expertise, you save time, and reduce costs.

Factory Sourcing
Factory Sourcing

Our comprehensive market scanning, evaluation criteria, and fast turnaround enables us to present you with factory options, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Product Engineering Support
Product Engineering Support

Our engineers leverage decades of shop floor experience and wisdom to ensure your design intent, quality, and product cost requirements are met.

Quality Engineering Support
Quality Engineering Support

Leverage Quality Engineering to dramatically reduce costs, expedite development, and ensure precision. From tolerancing drawings to on-site troubleshooting at suppliers, we deliver comprehensive support.

Supplier Agreements Agile in Asia
Supplier Agreements

We work with you and local lawyers to develop cost-effective and enforceable contracts, which establish the rules of the road.

Product Testing and Compliance Agile in Asia
Product Testing and Compliance

We provide comprehensive product testing services and guidance on compliance standards, ensuring your product designs are not only robust but also compliant with all relevant regulations.

Supplier Audit Agile in Asia
Supplier Audits

We provide a wide range of audit services, including assessments of quality management systems (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 13485), ensuring social compliance (e.g., SMETA), and technical audits to assess a manufacturers capability.  

Supplier Liason Agile in Asia
Supplier Liason

We can provide you with on-the-ground support, which includes closely monitoring and reporting on what is actually happening at the factory, ensuring things stay on track.

Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing Agile in Asia
Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing

We can help you develop cost-effective manufacturing solutions for creating functional prototypes or producing smaller quantities of your product or parts.

Inspections Agile in Asia

With decades of experience, we offer high quality inspection services. It is always a good idea to have impartial third-party inspections, safeguarding that your product meets with your specifications.

Jonathan Ross | Founder Of Agile in Asia

Our commitment goes beyond ensuring successful execution of your project - our aim is always to exceed expectations. I am personally involved with all our clients, ensuring that we deliver the best possible service. 


Jonathan Ross

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A Partner You Can Trust



 Engineering, Sourcing, and Quality projects delivered



Minimum years of individual engineering experience.



Western-Owned & Operated



Number of countries we operate in

What Our Customers Say

Jon has given us an independent agent on the ground abroad, this has been invaluable to us. He has been responsive and constructive.  He is our eyes and ears overseas. I can absolutely recommend Jon, and I will continue to use him.

Ewan Dowie, Dowson Pty


Where We Operate 

We're just a moment's notice away from being right where you need us in Asia. Whether you're
facing product development complexities, sourcing dilemmas, supply chain challenges, technical hurdles, or quality assurance needs, our expert team is poised to provide immediate assistance. We are ready to help you overcome whatever challenges you face.


Industries We Serve 

Agile in Asia Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Agile in Asia Aerospace
Agile in Asia Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Agile in Asia Automotive
Agile in Asia Hardware Tools
Consumer Goods
Agile in Asia Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

Why Work with Agile In Asia?

Pricing Model

Our pricing is transparent - you pay only for the actual work done, whether it's just an hour or on a continuous basis.

Expert Guidance & Advice

Our Western experts, with 30+ years of experience in engineering and 20+ years in manufacturing management, provide essential guidance and support, on-the-ground, anywhere in Asia.

Extension of your Team

Our goal is to establish a seamless, productive partnership that achieves results by providing you support from initial product conception to product delivery.

Transparent and Service-Oriented

Our foremost goal is to help you achieve the best outcome. Whether it's product development, identifying the right suppliers, or ensuring top-notch quality, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way for optimal results.

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