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Production Validation & Ramp
Production Line Planning
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We plan all of the production lines with the supplier(s) in advance, considering all the equipment and quality processes required for a successful run. 

Example Deliverables

  • Prepare a quality plan, including a process control plan and relevant quality records. ​

  • Design and develop custom fixtures, jigs, and inspection gauges.

  • Work with suppliers and sub-suppliers to document process parameters and ensure requirements are met. 

  • Prepare a process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA) to identify weak points in the manufacturing process. 

  • Create work instructions and standard operating procedures. 

Production Validation Testing
Image by Remy Gieling



Production Validation Testing is a critical phase of the NPI process. During this stage, we validate the manufacturing and assembly process to ensure that everything comes together correctly. 

We achieve this by performing several short production runs, commencing with at least fifty units, running well into the hundreds, at which time we correct any problems that may arise during the assembly process. ​​

Example Deliverables

  • We work onsite at your suppliers to ensure that every component meets specifications and reports each pilot run's result. 

  • Communicate with line workers and all supplier stakeholders to ensure product requirements are thoroughly understood. ​

  • Develop and distribute procedures, work instructions, and records to relevant supplier stakeholders. 

  • Study production yields against estimates.

  • Provide feedback to optimize follow-on batch runs and run Kaizen workshops to discuss possible improvements.

  • Re-negotiate pricing where possible.

Mass Production 
Image by J. Kelly Brito



Production validation testing flows immediately into the phase of the program called 'Ramp', where we might decide to establish multiple assembly lines in order to increase output. 

Example Deliverables

  • Work with your suppliers to set up multiple production lines to support volume production

  • Closely monitor yield and look for opportunities to improve upon it using Statistical Process Control (SPC), and other tools. 

  • Qualify additional vendors to ensure conformance as we scale to higher volume production 

  • Suggest design changes to support increase efficiency, throughput, and product repeatability. 

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