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Quality Management

Why Work With Us

We have a deep understanding of producing consistent parts, components and assemblies.

Whether you need someone to help you deal with an existing quality problem that already emerged or looking to find a partner to help you avoid them altogether, we can add value. 

More than just maintaining meticulous procedures, work instructions, and audit trails, quality is ideally designed into your product.


We understand the complexities of precision measurement, jig making, fixtures.


We map out your entire manufacturing process, from material to every movement, down to how the supplier sets the machines' parameters and act as a driving force to help them improve.


Western quality engineers with 30+ year’s experience 

APQP knowledge

Support with Design for Inspection

Conduct comprehensive quality audits

Develop high precision testing rigs, fixtures, and gauges

Perform high precision measurement and statistical process control

Our Advantages
Your Challenges
Visual Defects Logo

Visual Defects

Lack Of Material Traceability Logo

Lack of Material Traceability

High Scrap Rates Logo

High scrap rates

Frequently Delayed Shipments Logo

Frequently delayed shipments

Color Matching Problems Logo

Color matching problems

Shipment Consistency Logo

No consistency from shipment to shipment

Our Services
Engineering Plans
Quality Engineering

Our seasoned Quality Engineers can support developing comprehensive quality plans, provide deep technical analysis, establish analytical data points, and provide a comprehensive analysis of manufacturing process capability. 

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Supplier Audits

Audits come in many forms, and we offer a range of audits that can go into extensive detail about supplier management systems, technical capabilities, and social responsibility. We can also customize audits based on your specific needs and budget. 

Quality Manufacturing Solutions
Quality Inspections

Whenever working with a new supplier, it makes a lot of sense to have a qualified third party on the ground, working side by side to ensure production is well planned and executed competently. 

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Continuous Improvement

We help companies study the consistency of their manufacturing processes using several established tools and workshop techniques to develop or improve processes, competencies, and workflows. 

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